Our basic tasks

We build machines for products that fight diseases and save lives or contribute to the general welfare. The production and applications of these products must not be hazardous to humans. One contribution to this is the quality of our machines and technical solutions. Our suppliers also meet our quality requirements with their responsible actions and comprehensive quality controls, including in the area of working conditions, efficient use of energy and environmental protection.

Our employees

With modern, safe workplaces and facilities, groninger not only complies with the statutory requirement but also provides terms and conditions that motivate employees. Compliance with all laws, standards and rules is understood. The entrepreneurial thinking and actions of all employees is intended to focus them on the values and targets of the company. Fairness in competition is obvious and is manifest in our respect towards customers and competitors.

Our environment

We place high priority on protection of the environment and sustainable business practices. We comply with all applicable legislation on environmental protection, and we work economically and responsibly with resources. Our machines are also designed in accordance with these aspects and contribute to a responsible attitude to the environment.