groninger USA

groninger located in Charlotte, North Carolina/USA

Known globally for its high-precision filling and closing machines, groninger continues to provide highly sophisticated, innovative and customized solutions for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

groninger USA LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of groninger & co. gmbh of Crailsheim, Germany.  The parent company was founded in 1980 by Horst Groninger, whose invention of the rotary piston pump revolutionized the way in which manufacturers process chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations in a highly precise and hygienic manner.  Today, groninger is an undisputed industry leader with over 1,200 employees and 8.500 machines installed and operating throughout the world. 

“From Charlotte, our ability to support US customers with design and technical services is greatly enhanced,” says Heiner Dornburg, Managing Director of groninger USA LLC.  “We are proud of our beautiful office, showroom, engineering, machining, assembly and warehouse facility, which is located only 10 minutes from Charlotte-Douglas International airport. In Spring 2018, we add CNC machining to our range of local manufacturing capabilities. Spare parts can now be provided with shorter lead time and greater flexibility than in the past. The Groninger family continues at the helm of our company worldwide, and we are fully committed to the high level of service our US customers have come to know and expect.”