We are never at a standstill.

We research and develop, we look for innovations that advance mechanical engineering in our field. Advanced inventions such as the rotary piston pump, the tub opening system, the segment transport system, and the decontamination chamber with plasma technology are our developments.

rotary piston pump
Rotary piston pump

1982 – the rotary piston pump

A groundbreaking, patented invention and at the same time the basis of our subsequent market leadership in the processing of pre-sterilized syringes. Simply ingenious and ingeniously simple: no gaskets and no particles, ceramic for the first time.

1989 – low-particle sealing unit for optimization of the laminar flow

This development also greatly improves the processing of pharmaceutical products and is still standard in the pharmaceutical industry.

1990 – fully automatic in-process weight control for processing vials and bottles

2003 – new development of the Modular Closing System (MCS) series, fully servo controlled

MCS replaces cam-controlled machines and increases output by 40%.

2004 – completion of the development of the groninger hot air tunnel

groninger confirms again to be technology market leader: the modular sterilizing tunnel impresses the professional world with the lowest local differences in temperature over time of all systems on the market.

2005 – new development of the Modular Filling & Closing System (MFCS 202QL) series for large objects

This machine does not let them loose: this is why the contents of the processed objects do not slosh around. MFCS 202 QL combines a linear filler and intermittent closing machine with an output of up to 120 units per minute.

2008 – new development of robotic sorting systems

Sorting bottles or closures of all types from trays or as bulk material is child's play with camera-supported detection.

2009 – UFVK / UFVG segment transport

This universal transport system meets the highest demands for accessibility, cleaning and protection of the objects. It also can be easily adjusted to adapt to the processed objects and machine.

2009 – patenting of the tub decontamination chamber

Another great step forward: with the plasma chamber groninger has brought a new decontamination process for the pharmaceutical industry to the market .

2011 – single-use filling systems

A new concept with the first complete disposable filling path including disposable stainless steel filling needles.

2012 – 100% In-Process-Control (IPC) processing up to 400 objects per minute

Check of filling volume at high speed: groninger achieves the impossible and combines two formerly contradictory operations.

2013 – ready engineered with the Business Line

The Business Line is the new linear groninger line design with the ready-engineered philosophy.Successful market launch of the Fragrance 50 as the first filling machine for cosmetic products in this series.

2015 - New Flexibility with Proven Technology:
FlexPro 50

FlexPro 50 provides maximum flexibility in processing small to medium-sized batches for R&D, clinical and small-scale commercial production. The machine series is designed to process nested Ready-To-Use (RTU) syringes, vials and cartridges, vials in trays and vials in bulk in stand-alone or combined filling lines.

Turnkey Machine Concept - FlexPro 50