As Hard-Working As On Day One

Siegfried Moll is one of the longstanding employees at groninger. This year, the CNC programmer celebrates his 40th company anniversary. In conversation, he takes a journey back in time. All sorts of memories come up.

You couldn’t even tell that the family man from Rot am See, Germany, Siegfried Moll, is almost 60 years old. And much less, the fact that he has 40 groninger years under his belt.

Even in conversation with him, little of this is initially noticeable. The CNC programmer is still passionate about the things he is works on. He still enjoys his job and his tasks. He can still get passionately angry when something doesn’t work out the way he intended. He is still brooding over these issues — be it after work, on the weekend or at a family event — until he finds a solution.

And then all these moments pop up that really show that he has been employed at groninger for four decades. For example, when he remembers how the first CNC system was put into operation. Or when he describes how one had to cope with only limited sawing in the early years. And, of course, when he talks about the first CAM programming programs introduction at groninger and how they have been gradually developed further or the transition from paper to two-dimensional and later to three-dimensional computer-aided drawing (CAD).

“Some of the things we did in the past would no longer be conceivable today” says Siegfried Moll with a laugh. What does he mean by that? “What didn't fit, we somehow made it to fit” he explains. Components that were too large were milled without further ado by adding clamping devices to machine tables. User programs have simply been rewritten so that they somehow fit the requirements that existed. “Today they are so well coded that you don’t have a chance, but maybe that’s a good thing.”

“Changes are part of it. They are important.”
Siegfried Moll
CNC programmer

Siegfried Moll fondly remembers the founding years of groninger without mourning those days. He lives in the here and now.  “Changes are part of it. They are important.” Siegfried Moll explains during his personal groninger time travel that all these innovations are part of groninger. The business has developed significantly in the past 40 years, the requirements—particularly in the pharmaceutical industry—have become more and more complex and so have our systems.” This is another reason why he never seriously considered turning his back on the Crailsheim-based family company. “In terms of content, there was always an exciting opportunity to develop myself further, therefore, it was simply never an option. I haven’t regretted this decision to this day.”

And the 40 years have passed by very quickly.

To this day, he still has not considered quitting. “To be honest, I haven’t thought about a possible retirement yet - why should I?” he asks and laughs.  After all, his family is used to the fact that he enjoys working, even if it’s a lot at times. Why should it be any different today, after 40 years? After all, not everything has to change.

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