Clean and flexible

groninger adds a new blowing-out machine to its product portfolio. The "FlexClean" combines greater flexibility, quality and output. The modular approach follows the ready-engineered philosophy of the Business Line.

A premiere is coming up for the filling and sealing specialist groninger in Schnelldorf, Germany: the first so-called "FlexClean" will be delivered. The unit is a new blowing-out machine, which carries on the company's ready-engineered philosophy. groninger is thus forging ahead with modularization as the machine picks up the Business Line concept that the company introduced into the Cosmetics and Consumer Healthcare sectors of its product portfolio a few years ago.

"We used to buy in our blowing-out machines," recalls Design Team Manager Michael Steck. He and his team played a key role in developing the stand-alone machine.

What are the advantages of the new groninger blowing-out machine?

"More flexibility, output and quality," says Steck, neatly summing up the key benefits and explaining the background:" We gave our unit an oval shape. Compared to a round design, the time during which the bottles are upended in the conveyor and blown out is much longer, so it is far less likely that dirt particles will be left in the bottles."

The concept of operation of the machine promotes the highest possible flexibility.  Diverse transport carriers can be mounted on the base holders.  For smaller formats, for which typically high outputs are required, three objects per holder can be mounted, for simultaneous air rinsing.

For larger formats, two objects per holder can be simultaneously processed.  This results in reaching a maximum output of up to 180 bottles per minute.

"So, once again we have managed to satisfy customer wishes for more flexibility on the one hand, and higher output performance on the other."

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