groninger welcomes 36 motivated talents for apprenticeship

„To build the best machines, we need to have the best employees“. With these words, CEO Jens Groninger and his brother and CEO Volker Groninger welcomed the young talents.

Joint group photo of the young apprentices and students with their trainers and the management.

The 31 apprentices and 5 trainees are introduced into the success story of groninger. Starting with the founding of groninger and the patent for the rotary piston pump in 1980, the company now employs 1.135 employees and builds technologically advanced filling and closing machines for the pharma, cosmetics, and consumer healthcare industry.

Following this, the apprenticeship programme at groninger is challenging. Nevertheless, using digital media and software training combined with computer based training Manfred Schneider, the vocational trainer for Electricity and Mechatronics, is not worried about the challenge of digitalization. The fact that the so called digital natives use and live with the modern technologies since they are young is supporting the training on this topic.

To gain first impressions about the innovative strength of groninger, the young talents get to see a lot in the first few days. The most important information about the apprenticeship is the first to get to know, followed by a session with interviewing each other. Moreover, a searching game is hosted on the company ground. The trainees get to know each other, their future co-workers and the company by playing these games.

The acquisition quote is nearly 100% and with a growing market of packaging machines, the apprenticeship at groninger promises a safe future for the young talents.

These young apprentices and students will be part of the groninger family now and support groninger actively to remain a company with outstanding future.

groninger wishes its new colleagues good luck and all the best.

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