Next model in lite series to showcase at PackExpo, Las Vegas

Next model in lite series to showcase at PackExpo, Las Vegas

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jul. 27, 2015 – The lite-C, the second model in groninger’s lite series, and a high precision, automated closing machine designed for small private-label R&D and contract manufacturing, will debut at PackExpo Las Vegas in September.
The lite-C allows the processing of screw-caps, press-on caps, applicators, and dispenser pumps on the same unit. Other advantages of the lite-C include torqueing, alignment, or push-on modes, torque monitoring for every closure, minimal change parts, recipe management, puck or puck-less operations, industrial PC control and a customizable conveyor.
The groninger lite series fills the gap between manual table top units and fully automated high speed production, boasting quick and easy changeover between sizes, a 12-inch multi-lingual HMI touch screen, and a sturdy design that is consistent with all groninger machines. As a world leader in filling and closing technology, groninger is now able to bring that knowledge and experience to smaller facilities, startup operations and contract packagers where a batch or lot size can be as low as 500-1,000 pieces and changeovers must occur several times in a single shift.

Although it can be argued that a table top unit can do the same, the lite series offers customers the ability to handle smaller runs and be ready within a few minutes for larger runs where the manual operations will become tiresome and tedious. With the lite series, groninger offers customers the ability to solicit accounts where filling and closing accuracy is as important as quality.

Controlling and minimizing waste helps improve customer standing in the co-packer market, while also helping the bottom line. The lite series also takes into account that changeovers need to be quick and easy, as down-time does not produce revenue. Tooling costs should be recognized when talking about the lite series as well.
“We are confident that we have studied the market and reacted accordingly,” said David Gozlan, a Business Development Manager at groninger USA. “The lite series will bring groninger to a market that previously may have considered us out of reach.”

The lite series is completely developed and produced to meet the needs of the North American market at groninger’s North American headquarters in Charlotte, N.C.

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