“We are indispensable even in a crisis.“

groninger has successfully concluded the 2020 financial year. As a result of remaining true to its core business principles over the last year, the family-owned company, which builds filling and closing machines for the pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare and cosmetics industries, is growing.

The groninger Group can look back on a successfully concluded financial year. The machine builder with locations in Crailsheim (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), Schnelldorf (Bavaria, Germany) and Charlotte (North Carolina, USA) grew in the pandemic year 2020 and increased its total output to almost 200 million euros.

"Although the Covid-19 pandemic has brought some challenges and continues to do so to this day, we have been able to achieve our goals and even exceed them in the pharmaceutical sector. This is thanks to the outstanding work of all our employees. They have responded to the challenges of the corona crisis with a great deal of flexibility, adaptability and commitment and have also outgrown themselves in the past year," says Jens Groninger, Managing Director of the family business, praising the commitment of his team.

The pandemic caused enormous capacity utilization, especially in the pharmaceutical sector – and thus in the main plant in Crailsheim. "Here, the demand for our systems, services and know-how was and is immense. In the new machinery business, we recorded the best order intake ever in 2020."

"We have a robust and secure business model that is indispensable even in crises."
Jens Groninger

Social responsibility

In order to meet the global demand for corona vaccines and to give as many people as possible access to them in the shortest possible time, a suitable infrastructure in the pharmaceutical industry is needed to process the vaccines. "Without filling and closing systems like ours, this is not possible. Our employees have therefore been working under high pressure since the beginning of the pandemic to ensure that existing plants are converted and new machines are built and put into operation as quickly as possible," emphasizes Groninger.

In doing so, they are making a significant contribution to the fight against the coronavirus and are living up to their social responsibility. "That makes us very proud. It is another important milestone in our company's history," says the 52-year-old.

Speaking of company history: in 2020 groninger celebrated its 40th anniversary. Unfortunately, the celebrations had to be cancelled due to the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, there were gifts for the employees: In December 2020, they were able to look forward to a Corona bonus and, most recently, a generous profit distribution. "It is part of our self-image as a family business that our employees participate in the success we have jointly developed," says the CEO. It was possible to offer employees a piece of security in uncertain times. For Jens Groninger, this is an important signal to the workforce.

"We have a robust and secure business model that is indispensable even in crises. This has once again been clearly demonstrated in 2020," Groninger is convinced. The order backlog is – especially in the pharmaceutical sector – high, the order books full. "We won't run out of work in 2021 and 2022 either."

In Schnelldorf, where groninger is building its facilities for the consumer healthcare and cosmetics industry, the situation has recently eased again, after a certain reluctance on the part of customers was noticeable until late summer 2020.

"However, we were able to catch up very well in the last quarter, so that we could conclude as planned in this market environment," comments Jens Groninger with satisfaction.

Growth also in the future

To be able to process the high order backlog in the future, groninger is investing in a new warehouse and logistics center including a fully automated small parts and high-bay warehouse in Crailsheim in 2021. The ground-breaking ceremony for this took place in February, due to lockdown, only on the smallest scale and with sufficient distance to each other. In the meantime, the excavation on the 17,500 square meter site has almost been completed. "In the next step, the steel construction for the high-bay warehouse will begin before a new logistics hall and a new administrative area are built," explains Jens Groninger.

The frame construction work is to be finalized by the end of the year, after which the expansion phase for the interior and the construction of the storage systems begin, which are divided into the areas of automatic small parts storage and the high-bay warehouse. The completion of the building complex is planned for summer 2022.

With this commitment to the Crailsheim location, we are optimistic about the future of the groninger Group. We are sure that with our well trained specialists we will continue to experience healthy growth in the coming years. I am confident that together we will succeed in this."

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