“We speak the same language”

The CPhI worldwide, one of the world’s most important trade fairs in the pharmaceutical sector will be held in Frankfurt from the 5th until the 7th of November. At this significant event, groninger will be proud to showcase high end technologies in the world of filling toxic and highly potent products both in nested as well as in conventional bulk Containers.

Developers of filling machines are, more than ever before, driven by the need to come up with highly flexible, highly efficient concepts, while at the same time maintaining modularity. In addition to those requirements, the market sees a rise in toxic products, which in turn increases the associated sensitivity of such concepts.

In order to handle these market developments professionally, a high level of know-how and in-depth understanding is necessary – not only by the end users, but also by the vendors, as even the smallest mistake could have consequences for human lives.

Nowhere is this development more tangible than at the CPhI worldwide, the leading pharmaceutical trade show that will be held in Frankfurt on November 5th -7th where groninger, is yet again, proud to be one of the exhibitors.

"The CPhI has become one of the most important pharmaceutical exhibitions in the world. For us at groninger, it is therefore the optimal platform to show that not only can we keep up with the developments in the pharmaceutical industry, but that we constantly continue to meet the needs of our customers, because we speak the same language as our customers ", says Dirk Schuster, Sales Director and Member of the Management Board in Crailsheim, Germany, where groninger manufactures its filling and closing machines for the pharmaceutical industry.

“At the CPhI 2019, we are aiming to tackle process and product requirements, demonstrating to our customers the solutions to meet these, and not so much to focus on individual machines in detail,” Schuster explains.

"As a machine manufacturer, one of the goals is to get operating personnel away from the machine – due to obvious safety aspects for both operators as well as products."
Dirk Schuster
Sales Director and Member of the Management Board

By showcasing our Integra, we are presenting a machine concept at the CPhI, that was born to precisely meet the ever demanding requirements to safely handle toxic and highly potent products, displayed a fully integrated filling machine and isolator solution.

“Integra is the result of the developments we observe on the market. As a machine manufacturer, one of the goals is to get operating personnel away from the machine – due to obvious safety aspects for both operators as well as products,” explains the Sales Director.

Characterized by a uniquely slim design, the machine depth of the Integra, makes it an ideal reference for the new – albeit modular – machine conept, which will be groninger’s focus in the future,” Schuster says. “Our customers love the concept and definitely agree with this,” he adds with satisfaction. The system has established itself on the market with amazing speed, and there are already several references.

But compact design and modularity are just two aspects of many, that the machine manufacturer has busied themselves with for some time, the 44-year-old assures with a laugh. Small footprint, one sided operation, minimized product loss with start-up and run-off features, single use, no-touch-transfer systems, quick changeover times for changeovers that are simple to execute are just as much a part of it. This and much more will be on exhibit so come to our groninger stand and see for yourself at the CPhI in hall 11 at stand no. 110C10.

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