Example of a line design for color care

Flexible production line for mascara, lip-gloss and eyeliner

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Disc conveyor

  • Large refill cyles
  • Large storing tank
  • Especially gentle to containers, scratch-free

Container insertion machine

  • Insertion in transport cups in correct position
  • Especially gentle to containers, scratch-free
  • High output due to double infeed track

Linear filling and closing machine

  • Fully automatic IPC – without cups
  • Servo controlled screwing of the caps
  • Mobile trolley for filling system
  • No empty cups at the processing stations
  • Change of product contacting size parts within 10 minutes due to quick die change equipment
  • Excellent accessibility at the processing stations

Robot handling system

  • Processing of delicate and scratch-sensitive closures
  • Processing of assymetrical and top-heavy shapes