Example of a line design for eye drops and nasal spray

Fastest groninger eye drop line in the world with 400 objects/min

1 2 3 4 5 eye drops line

Feeding and fully automatic sorting of objects

eye drops machine
  • 4 tracks and 2 vibratory sorting bowls mean low output per track and ensure stable feeding
  • Sorting round and oval objects
  • All parts in contact with object opening are fully autoclavable

Filling and closing machine

eye drops machine
  • Filling needles and pump stroke movements are implemented by turning movements
  • Slender design, perfect access
  • Designed for isolator or RABS
  • Insert and close droppers with servo drive
  • Transport system completely autoclavable
  • all standard filling systems can be used
  • A mass flow filling system with 12 filling positions ensures that products with different viscosities can be accurately filled without problems. This allows aqueous products and suspensions with particles to be filled accurately and safely.
  • The dropper insertion station is a highlight, because it consists of only a few format parts and can be easily removed and replaced for format changes. The design is also makes it extremely easy to clean.

Closing machine

eye drops machine
  • Servo-controlled, precisely controlled screwing with reproducible screwing torques
  • Faultless screwing of closures with originality ring and special requirements for the screwing torque

Coding and checking unit

eye drops machine
  • Coding caps or bottles
  • Camera check station

Robot magazining

eye drops machine
  • Few size parts
  • Simple changeover procedures