EirGen Pharma

EirGen Pharma, a CMO specialized in potent processing

EirGen Pharma is a world leading developer and commercial supplier of specialty medicines to the global market and has a reputation for excellence and quality in the fast moving, competitive pharmaceutical industry. EirGen provides versatile, price effective and efficient solutions to partners seeking to collaborate in pharma healthcare. EirGen has a blemish-free inspection record and is a trusted supplier of best quality, safe and reliable life saving high containment medicines.

With industry partners and collaborators, EirGen continue to develop an exciting portfolio of high potency pharma products for both human and veterinary use that include: 

  • New Chemical Entities
  • Generic developments
  • Advanced formulation development
  • Fill Finish of both small molecule and biologics
With the FlexPro50, we accommodate all our requirements as a CMO for potent products.
Dermot O´Riordon
Business Development Manager at EIRGEN.

„With the groninger FlexPro50 line, we are able to accommodate all our requirements as a Contract Manufacturer (CMO) to be able to meet our customer´s expectations. To process all Ready-To-Use container in one line with an minimal amount of changeover time, product saving processes like the groninger SMART FILL and shortest isolator cycle times allow us to offer our customers the flexibility they need”, says Dermot O´Riordon, Business Development Manager at EIRGEN.

„The elimination of any space in a technical floor due to integrated air handling and controls inside the 3 meter line equipment helped EirGen to reduce their CAPEX significantly for the entire projects and therefore gained great benefits to EirGen“, adds O´Riordon.

About EirGen

EirGen Pharma is a world leading developer and commercial supplier of specialty medicines to the global market.

Sector Pharmaceuticals
Special field High Potency Pharmaceutical Products, Oncology & Cytotoxic products, EMA, FDA & PMDA approved facility, High Containment product development & manufacture, Sterile Fill Finish, Microbiology, Global Supply Chain and Research & Development
Location Waterford (Ireland)
Founding 2005
Website www.eirgen.com

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