Example of a line design for vial processing

High-speed vial line under isolator with connection to freeze dryer

1 2 3 4 5 6 vial processing line

High-performance cleaning machine

vial machine
  • Compact and stable design
  • Good filter accessibility – simple sampling
  • Format-dependent washing sequences
  • Good washing results – reduction up to ≤ 3 log
  • Up to 15 stations for intensive internal and exterior cleaning
  • Recycling rate of WFI water up to 100% for pre-cleaning

Hot-air sterilizing and depyrogenation tunnel

vial machine
  • Glass containers are sterilized and depyrogenized by circulating air and cooled with circulating air in the cooling zone
  • Good access through swing doors on both sides
  • Evaporation of residual moisture by IR – preheater in infeed section
  • Low difference in temperature and glass tension

Filling and closing machine

vial machine
  • 100% IPC at full output
  • 10-headed combination filling system TP/peristaltic
  • Complex CIP/SIP cleaning process
  • 3x camera check to detect deposits, glass particles etc.
  • Continuous infeed, intermittent filling, continuous discharge at filling station
  • N2 gassing

Sealing machine

vial machine
  • Sealing check to ensure sealing quality.
  • Printer – for printing a data-matrix code
  • Accurate transport and centering devices for user-compliant sealing
  • Patented sealing principle

External washing machine

vial machine
  • Special gripper system for transporting vials from station to station (circulating principle). The grippers cover the sealing cap and prevent cleaning liquid (e.g. purified water) from penetrating under the sealing fold.
  • For efficient drying of the vial neck area the grippers are under a flow of filtered compressed air.


vial machine
  • Double magazining