Consulting, remote diagnosis and mobile service

Troubleshooting with RVS and VPN

Downtimes are minimized over flexible remote maintenance using remote video service (RVS). We access the system PLC and pinpoint faults using proven on-line technologies with no need for an on-site engineer. We set up a secure network connection over a virtual private network (VPN), without any impact on your corporate network. You decide when to initiate the VPN connection and you only grant us access when you need our assistance.

Live images help find a solution

Our service technicians and engineers monitor your system live over a small camera positioned on your production line. Video transmission helps solve problems quickly, so our technicians can prepare themselves for the job or training at your factory. A high level of automation and software makes machinery and systems flexible, but also complex. We know the systems we deliver down to the last detail and can quickly isolate possible causes of faults. Our telephone support staff also advises you on operation, process optimization and maintenance.

Mobility Service

We assist you in moving existing systems to new locations. This includes dismantling systems, preparing them for transportation, re-assembly and commissioning.