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We fill after-sales services with life. Comprehensive, personalized and quality support.

groninger After-Sales Services

Mechanical engineering, as well as many other areas, are subject to a constant and even permanent state of change. A key aspect of this global development is after-sales service. Our team of qualified, experienced technicians are just a call away – providing an extensive after-sales network with many clearly defined services. Operating in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer healthcare industries, our customers highly value the range of our services.

Technical consultation for top performance

Our relationship should not end after we close the deal. We support you through­out your system's lifecycle and beyond. After-sales service project management at groninger offers more than just information – it is a personal and competent dialogue. Your dedicated project manager answers and clarifies your questions and keeps you up-to-date. Our vision is "customer-centric" – our organization is focused on your needs and wishes.

After-sales service is the heart of the groninger philosophy. We give full consid­e­ration and attention to your concerns and issues. With our global after-sales network of 150 experienced colleagues, we can provide you with both remote and on-site support.

Increasing Effectiveness and Efficiency

Mechanical engineering, as well as many other areas, are subject to a constant and even permanent state of change. A very important one is after-sales service. Be­sides classic services groninger places a particular emphasis on future- and techno­logy-focused services.

Our driving force: your competitive edge

We are different to other machinery manufacturers. And this is not only due to top product and process quality and the optimum flexibility of our machines. Our wide-ranging technological know-how sets us apart from the crowd. And we apply it strategically and effectively to your benefit.

Your systems are always state-of-the-art, always available and always achieving a top performance. This technological edge brings you financial benefits and process reliability, making you a strong competitor.

Strategic vision

Our experts support you right from the start of production. Take advantage of our expertise when you want to ensure the availability of your systems and machines. Minimize your risks and optimize the economic efficiency of your production – and prevent failure.

Good service? No! Very good service. I would highly recommend groninger to anybody.
Phillip Hartley,
GlaxoSmithKline plc.