Customized and Flexible

First, we analyze your training requirements and design the content in accordance with the analysis. Whether at your factory or at groninger, our mobile training equipment allows us to train you anywhere.

Analysis of requirements

  • Analysis of your employees' training requirements
  • Coordination of training content with your employees' requirements profile
  • Training planning and organization taking into account your personnel and plant deployment

At groninger

  • Teaching of important fundamental theory
  • Instruction on training machinery and equipment
  • Familiarization with the customer's system prior to delivery

At your factory

  • Teaching of important fundamental theory
  • General basic instruction on portable training equipment
  • Practical training on the customer's system

Learning with all the Senses

Thanks to the coordinated use of different media on all five learning channels – seeing, hearing, speaking, reading and doing – all the senses of the course members are appealed to, thus quickly and reliably instilling the training content. Certified trainers to vermit® (Network of the Association of Medium-sized Industrial Trainers and Training Centers) impart technical expertise in a straightforward hands-on approach and can answer any subject-related questions. The groninger training portfolio consists of five packages. The basic course deals with purely practical system-related content and functions. Your employees gain additional theoretical and practical expertise of the specific application and function areas in the operation and maintenance course.

If you have additional needs, such as training employees for situations like first-time production runs or retrofitting with size parts/product changes we can provide on-site production support and optimization. groninger provides your skilled employees with in-depth training on the subject of automation for customized solutions to specific tasks. In general, we offer customized training for all standard programs to equip your personnel with the necessary expertise.

Training courses and programs by groninger