from Charlotte, North Carolina

In it together...

Exceptional service is a core value of groninger USA. Our Service Team works in synergy with our Engineering, Manufacturing, Procuring, Shipping and Receiving departments, to provide you with the best customer service experience.  We are proud to offer outstanding quality services that are fully supported by our German headquarters as needed.

To ensure that our technical support is highly reliable and specific to your needs, we invest in our youth and in future customized talent. Our technicians are hired after gaining expertise through our award winning four-year apprenticeship program. Their top performances are achieved by working hand in hand with our senior technicians as well as by being factory trained in Germany.

"Good service? No! Very good service. I would highly recommend groninger to anybody."
Phillip Hartley
GlaxoSmithKline plc.
"The lite-F SAT was a complete success [...]. The commissioning and training was very well executed and our team [...] had a very positive experience with groninger this week. I continue to be impressed with the knowledge level and quality of equipment from groninger. We look forward to the continued collaboration!"
Ajay Chouhan, P.ENG