Changes at groninger USA

We would like to announce that Stefan Winzinger, with 25 years of groninger experience and Engineering Manager since 2016, has assumed the position as Technical Services Manager effective February 1st.

At the same time, groninger USA has decided to combine the Engineering and Service departments under one management. This change will allow for more technical cross training and faster communications, resulting in faster and higher quality services for our customers.

Changes in Customer Service

Announcement from Stefan Winzinger:

Dear Customers and Business Partners,

Since I have taken on the position as Technical Services Manager, we have been working hard on making a few changes. Our priorities are:

  • Making procedural changes to shorten lead times for spare part quotations.
  • Establishing a remote Tech Support team to have technical resources constantly available when you need support. We are providing help via phone, email, TeamViewer, and VPN access directly to your machines.
  • Establishing dedicated hotlines for spare part orders, service requests and machine support. The hotlines are monitored by multiple team members, ensuring that calls will be answered immediately.
  • Accepting credit cards for spare part orders and machine support, ensuring uncomplicated and fast support in case of emergencies.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be:

  • Establishing a Project Coordination team to handle all your service needs. This will help ensuring shortening lead times and allows keeping a close eye on your orders.
  • Working with you on creating stock part lists, so more of the items you order frequently will be available in stock in Charlotte, NC.
  • Increase our parts manufacturing capabilities in Charlotte, NC, ensuring shorter lead times and controlling quality of the parts during manufacturing.

My teams and I are looking forward working with you. Please reach out to us in case of any questions, issues or projects.

Best Regards,

Stefan Winzinger

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