OEM Refurbishment Program

Longevity Equals Value

Because our customers deserve to get the most out of their investment, we provide the option to refurbish existing groninger equipment. Unlike used or refurbished machines from other sources, we as the OEM have unique access to original documentation. It allows us to fully and correctly restore the machine. In addition, we will ensure that the components used in the refurbishment are suitable and reliable in the given application, so you get the outstanding performance that groninger owners appreciate.

Plant extensions and modernization

US Supported Spare Parts

While the core of our machines can run for a lifetime, some parts such as control systems or other electronic equipment become obsolete. Mechanical moving parts can simply wear out, creating a need for replacement. Components that are no longer available on the market or must comply with new directives or regulations will be upgraded with design modifications.

As a groninger customer, you are fully supported for the life of your machine. With groninger refurbishment, that life has just become much longer! And if you aren’t a groninger customer yet, a refurbished machine offers a great way to join the family.

We are interested in your feedback. If you are an owner or have a request for a refurbished groninger machine, please contact us!