Immediate technical assistance

We believe in providing our customers with the fastest and most efficient service solutions. Our Support Desk offers help through telephone, email, TeamViewer, VPN (offered by groninger) and VPN + Video support (offered by groninger) with the goal to minimize downtime and increase machine efficiency.

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Multiple ways to connect...

groninger Smart Service App

The groninger Smart Service App allows our customers to connect with our experts and share their view via video without us having to access their network.

VPN Connection

  • Fast remote diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Secure connection
  • No travel times and lower costs

Customers decide when to initiate the VPN connection and grant us access only when needed. We can access the machine’s PLC, HMI, servo controller, any other network component in the machine and pinpoint faults using proven on-line technologies with no need for a Field Service Technician. We set up a secure network connection over an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN), without any impact on (or access to) our customers’ corporate network.

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From experience, we know that especially the VPN service and the VPN with video connection add significant value to our customers in faster analyzing machine issues and quickly providing a satisfactory solution.