Ejemplo para un concepto de línea para cartuchos

Línea combinada para cartuchos y viales

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High-performance cleaning machine

  • Integrated ultrasonic bath for intensive pre-cleaning
  • Compact and stable design
  • Good filter accessibility – easy sampling
  • Format-dependent washing sequences
  • Good washing results – reduction up to ≤ 3 log
  • Up to 15 stations for intensive internal and exterior cleaning
  • Recycling rate of WFI water up to 100% for pre-cleaning

Hot-air sterilizing and depyrogenation tunnel

  • Glass containers are sterilized and depyrogenized by circulating air and cooled with circulating air in the cooling zone
  • Good access through swing doors on both sides
  • Evaporation of residual moisture by IR – preheater in infeed section
  • Low difference in temperature and glass tension

Filling and closing machine

  • Combination system for cylindrical ampoules and vials
  • compact design with dual occupation of stations
  • Combination filling system
  • Filling with laser query
  • Sealing station for cylindrical ampoules

Sealing machine

  • Sealing check for sealing quality
  • Printer – for printing a data-matrix code
  • Accurate transport and centering devices for user-compliant sealing
  • Patented sealing principle